Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Yellow in the Spring

I have several “favorite” colors—among them, purple and teal are at the top. But especially in the springtime I love other colors as well—such as spring green and bright yellow. Specifically, I enjoy painting with yellow watercolor (my favorite is Winsor & Newton pro grade Winsor Lemon).

It took me a little bit of time to paint the Goldfinch that I love seeing in our Wonder Forest at the bird feeders. As a reference photo, I used this beautiful photo from the Merlin Bird ID app.

Here is my rendition, again not trying to paint with realism that would make my work be confused with a photograph, and yet, not so loose as to make it difficult to identify it as a goldfinch!

While in the yellow mode, I used a 4x6 watercolor paper “card” to quickly paint this loose watercolor lemon (to use for scrapbook embellishment). It took me about five minutes.

On another note, we have been making some minor changes around the place—put down a couple of area rugs, for example—little things that give me a “lift” (much like changing the furniture in my classroom used to do)...more work/cleaning around the house—got LOTS of Fitbit steps yesterday, at least! 

I’ve enjoyed the Bible study I’ve done the last 7 days...Hurt but not Held Back (on the Bible app). May share some things from it soon.

Beautiful spring (feels like summer) day here in Wonder Forest near Troy, Missouri!

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Kristy said...

These pictures make me happy! I recently bought a yellow top to go under a cardigan and I don't think I've ever bought anything yellow before. The yellows were popping out at me when I was shopping for some new spring clothes. I like to accent my house at this time too. a few little splashes of color can really go a long way for me!