Saturday, March 3, 2018

Joy in the Lord {In the Word, Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art Neh 8-10 Joy of the Lord

This is one of my favorite verses, but in honesty, the reason I love the verse is because it puts JOY and LORD and STRENGTH all in one powerful sentence. The actual meaning of the sentence itself is a little hard for me to put into words. I think of it more like “my joy in the Lord gives me strength” (that’s this verse according to Barbara—which has absolutely no authority).

I have been praying lately for more joy in my life. So, following my own explanation, that would imply that I need more of God in my life—that is, If I want more joy, I need to give priority to God’s place in my daily life. My joy comes from God. And because it comes from Him, it strengthens me.

Reading some commentaries on this passage, I found this: “This beautiful sentence is, literally, ‘delight in Jehovah is a strong refuge’.”

I like that.

This page is in my She Reads Truth CSB, and I prepped the page with clear gesso to keep the markers and the InkTense blocks (that I use as watercolor with a water brush) from bleeding through.

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Kristy said...

Love the different fonts you created and the bright flowers too!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much, Kristy. I did enjoy creating this one!