Thursday, February 22, 2018

Seven Months Ago Today: Redemption Story {HeartStrings, My Family, My Heart}

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Sometimes when an event is overwhelming in significance and emotion, I realize later that I did not include the “reporting” of the event in my blog. I don’t blog about every event in my life anyway (it is not meant to be a chronological life account—I have my “life story” that I have written/am writing, for that purpose). Still, I want my blog to include a “record” of this redemptive story of God’s grace.

Now, the details of the story are not mine to tell. The details belong to the main character, my daughter Sharida. But, as a mom, I can share a summary of my praise about it all!

Sharida came to faith in Christ as a young girl. Through a series of events in her life, some within her control, some not, she found herself in need of rescue in recent years. She allowed God to bring her back close to Him. As Sharida says it, “God saved me when I was 6, but he rescued me when I was 42.”

We all prayed for God to redeem what had happened in her life. God answered our prayers and brought a godly man into her life.

The wedding was seven months ago today.

The wedding, including praying over their new family as a part of the ceremony (led by Mark, our son, her brother, a pastor) was an incredible celebration of God’s redemptive story.

I thank God for this miracle, an answer to 46 years of praying by this mom.



Sharida’s nephew, our grandson Conner played and sang “The Day Before You” (Matthew West) as the processional.


Sharida’s daughter Alyssa was her Maid of Honor.


Sharida was escorted and given away by her dad and her son (incredibly sweet).








Recessional: “God of All My Days” (Casting Crowns)—played by Conner and sung by Conner and Mark.


Sharida and her dad (my hubby).



New Family: Sharida and Greg and their children, Alyssa, Dawson and Evan.


Sharida’s family in attendance (happy to have my sister and her husband—who happens to be my husband’s brother—as well as my brother and wife, along with our son Mark and his wife Kristy, and their son Conner and his wife Caroline). Missing piece of my heart: Tory (Mark and Kristy’s daughter) was on mission in Mexico and could not attend.



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