Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Legacy of True Love {HeartStrings}


Today I posted pictures on Instagram of our Valentine’s Day lunch, at one of our favorite restaurants. I noted that this is 52+ years of celebrating Valentine’s Day together (we were sweethearts for 5 years before marriage and have been married for 52 1/2 years). Our granddaughter Tory responded to the post with ,“So much love to celebrate. A legacy to be proud of.” Her comment reminded me. It is true. Our love is a legacy that we happily pass on to our children, grandchildren, and soon-to-be great grandchildren.

It started when I was a very young lady, praying that I would know God’s will for my life, regarding a future husband. In my case, I know that God brought me together with Russell Ford, when my daddy was called to pastor a little church where Russell’s dad was a deacon. We met June 28, 1959, Daddy’s first Sunday as pastor there. I was only 12, but I fell in love that Sunday. We were engaged May 22, 1965, and married September 8, 1965. Through hours of prayer, God gave me the solid assurance that Russell was indeed the one.

When people ask me the “secret” to a happy marriage that has lasted so many years, I find it very difficult to answer in a way that most people would understand. The answer is, “I asked for God’s direction in bringing me together with the spouse He had planned for me. Then I prayed for His blessing and guidance all along the way through our relationship.”


So, yeah, we always celebrate Valentine’s Day, because it’s all above love, and it gives us an additional day of the year (along with our anniversary) to pause just a moment and be thankful for a profound love that can only be understood in light of the One who IS love.

1 John 4:8 – “God is love.”

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Nancy Happily said...

Congratulations! Wishing you both many more together!