Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Project Focus {Bible Art, GraceNotes}

The New Year always motivates me to get more organized and focused with my plethora of projects. I have considered about five ways to go with my Bible study/art to start the new year, and I have finally narrowed my focus and decided on a project that fits my desires/needs/personality. I will be doing Journaling Through the New Testament (hosted by a friend in the Bible Journaling World, Jann Gray at Illuminated Journaling). I will be reading a chapter each weekday, writing in my bullet journal as I go, and doing some Bible art along the way, as inspired.

Since I didn’t discover this plan until a few days ago, I’m already behind. So, I’m blitzing with the Bible study right now and will soon be caught up.

Meanwhile, I completed a “page” in my Christian Standard Bible, that page being the Presentation Page. Instead of writing my name, I did a little mixed media with my picture…yeah, it’s a little scary to think about this picture being in this Bible forever; but then, again, it is me right now, so there you have it.

Below is a sample page from the bullet journal (in the journaling world, we call it a BUJO)….this is actually hilarious, because I call myself a journaler and had never heard of a BUJO until I started this New Testament Journaling project! Apparently bullet journaling is a big deal.

I am also totally enjoying the fun of being a planner girl—that is, doing the fun, cutesy style of planning (I’ve kept a notebook since the late 70’s, so this is just a funn-er method of the same thing).

Then, there’s the scrapbooking (my ongoing “project” since 2004), which is caught up for now. (Insert hallelujah here!)

Oh, yes, and the little rock painting…and the sketch and paint journals.

Oh, and the music preparation and practice for the praise band at church.

One would not want to be bored. One is not.

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