Friday, January 12, 2018

After-Christmas Glow (and breath-catching) {My Family, My Heart}

We have had the experience of a rare and precious gift during this holiday season. As a result of several factors coming together in a “perfectly [good] storm,” we had some of our family in our home with us from December 13 to January 7. This made for some crazy times (not even going to count the rolls of paper products and the loads of laundry and the pounds of butter—oh, wait, those things are not in any way related)…but all fantastic and wonderful, as we do not get to be with our family on a regular basis these days. I had lots of help in the kitchen, and we cooked and cooked and cooked (and ate……….).

Tory was here on vacation from her mission work in Mexico. We had not seen her in 17 months. Too long.

The fun times included our Sibling Christmas at our house this year, affording an opportunity for Mark to get to see his aunts and uncles whom he has been missing.

I can see the future enough to realize that we will not always have everyone home for Christmas at the same time. But this year we did, and that’s reason to celebrate.

Tory’s Home!!

12-13 thru 12-16-2017 Tory Mark Kristy here first for  holidays (10)

Playing Marble Board


Sibling Christmas

12017&18-2017 Sibling Christmas (46) ed to print

My only brother Keith, and my sister Janene. We have been filling our stockings from OUR Mamo and Grandad’s Christmases for the last several years. These stockings (handmade corduroy) are at least 60 years old.

Our Family Christmas

Snack Buffet Christmas Eve

Draft Christmas Shared Folder (8) auto correct

Draft Christmas Shared Folder (5)Draft Christmas Shared Folder (22)

Draft Christmas Shared Folder (66)

Reading the Christmas Story (with carols sung)


Draft Christmas Shared Folder (16)


Kristy's Pics Christmas (38)Draft Christmas Shared Folder (30)

Draft Christmas Shared Folder (67) autocorrect

Sharida’s Family

Draft Christmas Shared Folder (115) autocorrect and crop

Mark’s Family

Family Christmas 2017

All of us



Draft Christmas Shared Folder (21) autocorrect

Our 52nd Christmas as Husband and Wife

Kristy's Pics Christmas (45)

Bubble Bread, homemade, every year since 1977 (two of these for the last couple of years)!

And, so, now…they have all gone to their separate places of service, leaving us to tend the home-fires. We really miss everyone. I may never adapt to the separation. But we have sweet memories of our time together this holiday season.

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