Sunday, October 15, 2017

MO Road Trip/Camping {RV’ing)


Headed out for a 2-night road trip through the southern part of our state, hoping to see some fall foliage. First stop, a little break an hour or so from home. Already can tell that if we wanted to see fall color, we should’ve stayed home. We have lots of maple trees on Peaceful Acres, and we have more color there than we saw on the road trip! Still, road trips are fun!


Spent the first night at Big Spring RV Park (Private—the state park was closed due to flooding).


We were right on the Current River (lots of memories from camping trips and float trips through the years as our children were growing up).

After we broke camp, we drove the short distance to Big Spring (Van Buren).


Big Spring is amazing. Beautiful. More than 288 million gallons of water flows from this spring daily.

After visiting the spring, we hiked briefly and then parked at the entrance to the closed state park for an incredible “indoor” lunch of Vermont Sharp Cheddar and Honey Crisp Apple Slices on Oatnut Bread with Whole Grain Mustard (accompanied by Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips). This was our first time to try out the generator (used it to run the a/c—it was still pretty hot out, even though October!). Worked like a charm.




Driving through the backroads of MO, we “landed” for our second night at a private campground near Maramec Springs (close to St James).



Still a little warm for cooking outdoors, so we had delicious Italian Sausage Soup that we had brought already prepared, along with corn muffins baked in that combination microwave/convection oven visible in the above picture, under the countertop. Worked great!


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