Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Journaling Bible {Bible Art Journaling}

Make a Joyful Noise Little Conner

The Bible I had been using for Art Journaling had a print size that was just too small for me (7.5). Although I had completed several art journaling pages in that one, I decided there was never going to be a great time to switch Bibles, and I just was not pleased with the difficulty I was having with actually reading the text (which would be the main purpose for a Bible, after all).

So, I found a Bible with 11.5 text size, 2.5” margins. It is larger than my other one, but that’s okay. I’ll take the trade-off. It is also only available in KJV, which is fine with me, as most of the Scriptures I have memorized are from the King James Version. I have numerous other study Bibles to use, so having my Journaling Bible be KJV is all good.

This Bible is from Local Church Bible Publishers and has a black genuine leather cover. It is the 400 Mid Size Note Takers Black (Basic).

I had illustrated this passage in my previous Bible with piano keys. I wanted to start in this Bible with the same passage, and this time I used a little image that reminds me of my red-headed grandson, who sings, plays guitar and keyboards, and is now a newlywed, preparing for the ministry.

For those who like a challenge, there is a “reality” to the notes on the whimsical staff in the marginalia. Any guesses?


Linda said...

Hi Barb. Your page is adorable, and to have a 2.5" margin - Wow. Are those notes for the song "Jesus Loves Me"?.....Linda E.

Barbara said...

Yes, Linda, you got it!! Love this new Bible!

eisor said...


I'm so glad I ran across your site. I'm looking to being Bible journaling, but I'm set on getting a KJV Bible.

I discovered the note taker Bible from Local Church Bible Publishers and I think it's perfect for me.

My only question is, how is the paper weight compared to the previous journaling bible you were using?

It's hard to tell online whether the pages are on thicker paper or not.

Barbara said...

As to the thickness of the Bible pages, I think the pages are a bit thinner in this one. It is not a problem for me, though, because I put down two thin layers of Art Basics Clear Gesso before I do any art on it.