Monday, March 30, 2015

Documented Life 2015 March 28 Challenge {Art Journal}

So far I am on track for all the weeks of 2015, even though some weeks the challenge at DLP is tougher than others. The March theme is (still) Mark Making and Doodling, and the challenge this time is to use a custom-made “element” using doodling or mark-making.

I pulled out the four Scripture Cards (3.5 x 5 each) that I had created for a Glory Art Bible Study on trust, a few weeks ago. Yes, they are custom-made, and yes they use doodling and mark-making. I created an art journal background with coordinating colors, used a lot of stamps and other mark-making tools, adhered the Scripture Cards, and there you have my March 28 project!

DLP March 28 Unique Element


Nancy Happily said...

I love all of your journals! I'm new to journaling, so everything is new to me. I only have watercolor pencils and micron pens and some journals.

Is all of your lettering by hand? So much of it looks like it has been typed, while it looks smooth on the page, not on a piece of paper and glued down. How can that be? Thanks for sharing your lovely journals.

Barbara said...

Thanks, Nancy. If it looks like a typewriter, it is done on the computer. I adhere it with matte medium (or decoupage) and then put a coat of matte medium (or decoupage) on top. I always draw scribbly borders around the text. If you see cursive writing on my pages, that is almost always my own handwriting.

Nancy Happily said...

Thanks for help Barbara. I appreciate it so much.

SCarol said...

Beautiful. Love that you incorporated the scripture cards.