Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy 85th Birthday to my Mother

Siblings at Janene's for Grams' Chr 2012 w background and wm

This picture was taken at my sister’s home where we gathered for Christmas with Mother, who turns 85 today. She has been the picture of health until very recently, when she was diagnosed with an ovarian-type cancer for which she has been undergoing treatment the last several months. In fact, this picture was taken just a few weeks out from a complete hysterectomy.

Even at this time of crisis in her life, Mother remains a role model for her family, as she reminds us, “God is still in control.”

I have an ongoing “journal” that is the story of my life, many hundreds of pages at this point. Today, I looked back in my journal where, many years ago, as I wrote about my growing-up years, I recorded this:

In addition to my place in the family, which taught me responsibility and leadership, I acquired from them [my parents] my sense of values. They taught me to love Jesus and to give Him first place in my heart. They taught me of the miracles that only He could perform.

From Mother I learned the value of being a good homemaker and a faithful, loving wife and mother. I learned to love housekeeping--striving for a clean, well-ordered house, spotless laundry, and well-kempt, disciplined children. I learned to love to cook, a variety of interesting foods. Mother taught me to love music, and she provided me with the opportunities to learn music. And because of what she taught me, I developed a healthy independence.

Happy Birthday, Mother!


Keith Wilson said...

Wonderfully said, thanks for sharing it!

ROC REV said...

Wow. That's legacy. By the way, your new design looks awesome and congrats on the numerous well-deserved awards.