Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Mood

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had! I do not really do anything with/about Halloween, so I basically spend all of the fall thinking about Thanksgiving. So, then, by the time Thanksgiving is actually over, as soon as the Thanksgiving guests have departed and the kitchen is all squared away, I’m ready to start Christmas—get out the Christmas coffee mugs and prepare to decorate! I am willing to wait until Friday morning to actually begin the work (my husband thanks me). And, NO, I DO NOT participate in Black Friday real-store shopping.

tree decorating day

Already had coffee in my favorite Christmas mug—now mid-morning of tree-decorating day (Friday)—Hot Cocoa! Getting this year’s Christmas tags ready to put on lower level tree.

By Saturday morning, we had all three of our trees up and all the house read for Christmas. In the midst of the decorating, I started the online Christmas shopping, taking full advantage of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales (MANY hours, but at least my feet weren’t killing me).

So, I’m pretty much worn out at this point, but I’m ready for the Christmas Season!


Great Room (Upper Level)


The Music Room (front window, Upper Level)

lower level tree

Lower Level Family Room (where my teddy bears and dolls reside during the Christmas season). This is also my “Tag Tree” (close-up pictures will be forthcoming).


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Beautiful!!! I used to do a tree in every room, but I get so busy, I haven't the last 2 years. It's nice to see thought!

Ntsisterz said...

You have such lovely rooms all decorated for Christmas, Barb. I am looking forward to seeing your tag tree up close!
p.s. I'll take my coffee black with a wee splash of cocoa :)

Marjie Kemper said...

They look stunning, Barb!