Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unfathomable Blessing

IMG_1216Because I am a “word person” (I talk a lot, always seem to have something to say, etc.), I rarely find myself without words. But, in the case of expressing a particular incredible blessing that is mine (and my husband’s as well), words are not adequate.


Our son was gifted by his Creator with a truly amazing musical talent.


His son, now 16, is at least equally as gifted.


What makes this an unfathomable blessing for us, the parents/grandparents, is that both these men have a strong desire to use their talents for Christ. Our son is also our pastor; our grandson has already answered God’s call to become a pastor. Of course, not all pastors have musical talents to bring to their ministries. But in the case of Mark and Conner, God is using their music for His glory, as they are willing to serve.


Last night, the two of them performed in an informal “concert” at our church, the debut of their little “band,” Russell Ashley (Conner’s middle name and Mark’s middle name—which also happens to be the full name of my husband!). Conner’s ear for harmony is just amazing. He only started learning guitar less than a year ago and is quite phenomenal, frankly.

The music they shared was all original music written by Mark, with some special guitar arrangements added by Conner.



For one of the songs, they were joined by the two beautiful women in their family, Kristy and Tory. 

IMG_1226      IMG_1258



Incredible... Amazing…



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, and you are truly blessed with a wonderful family!

God Bless

Claudine said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Barb. That is just wonderful that they are answering God's call for their lives, what a blessing!!

KarenK said...

I loved perusing your blog. It's such a wonderful combination of family and art. Thanks for inviting me in to meet your lovely family.

Cindi E said...

Hi Barb...any chance of hearing their tube maybe?

Cindi Estes