Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl=Super Snacks+Super Fun

We are not that big into football (*GASP*). Well, let me just say that if the Broncos had made it to the Super Bowl, we would have been pretty excited about the GAME. But usually, we are not that thrilled with watching football games. But the Super Bowl has become a cultural phenomenon, and as such, requires at least some form of participation on our part!

For us, it’s most often an excuse to get together with family and enjoy some special snacks and good fellowship—and we DO watch the game AND the commercials (at least the ones that don’t signal a fast-forward because they start right off with inappropriate content).

This year our son and his family invited us to join them. He made some outrageous hot wings, definitely the winner of the Top Snack of the Night competition.




And now, let the baseball season begin!

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