Monday, February 13, 2012

Cameras, Photos and Editing-Oh My!

I have noticed this about myself: almost any time I have “set myself up” with a challenge to learn something new that is kind of a big deal (to me), I realize that somehow, and unintentionally, I have actually gotten myself into at least TWO new challenges. They may or may not be related. Example: I get a new laptop, with all the setup and adjustment that is required there, and AT THE SAME TIME, I take on a new, challenging and robust genealogy software program. Or, I get a new smart phone and a new camera within days of each other.  I feel sure that knowledgeable professionals could have a field day explaining what there is about me that makes me do this. They would probably be correct.

The above examples given were within the last couple of years. NOW, I find that within the last 2-3 months, I have

1) taken on some challenging (for me—the non-artistic one) new crafting techniques (discussed and posted here on my blog);

2) bought my first digital SLR camera (Canon Rebel T3i)—having no real knowledge of photography (what? me? for whom pictures are one of the most important things?—I’ve never really learned how to take good pictures?---that would be true);

3) suddenly realized I absolutely MUST learn some real and advanced photo editing skills, as I am once again “delving into” many old photos, in advance of a long-threatened heritage album project. I am the keeper of a lot of family photos (some over 100 years old), and I have only recently come to really understand that they can be refreshed, revived and restored.

So now, anytime I take a break from scrapbooking and sit down to assess where I am with all my projects, I find myself with a photography book and the user guide for PhotoShop Elements 10, in my iPad Kindle, awaiting my perusal. Then there are the lists of online tutorials I have compiled for study, and email user groups available for specific questions (and encouragement).

Oh, and then there is that part of my personality that doesn’t like to give up, so even when it seems daunting (like being where I want to be with my photo editing skills—seems like a long way off from where I am right now), I will keep at it.

At the risk of sounding like I really do need professional counseling (oops—too late, you say?), I will refrain from listing all the projects I have going right now.

Makes me tired just thinkin’ about it. Now where is that coffee? Oh, have I told you about the saga of replacing my wonderful Capresso coffee maker? That will be for another day. Suffice it to say, problem solved. Coffee anyone?

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