Thursday, October 14, 2010


   While in Eldon to visit the Cemetery, we located the “old” Drive-In where Russell’s family would often go for hot dogs and shakes, usually on a Sunday evening, when the boys were teens. Russell tells of how their dad would pay for a shake and one hot dog apiece, and then they would each buy themselves two more—each eating a “yard of hot dogs.”  Russell preferred the pineapple shake, usually; Curtiss and David liked the butter pecan (as I recall the story). For old time’s sake, Russell and I each had ONE foot-long hot dog (okay, so he ate part of mine) and a shake (he had pineapple, I had butter pecan).
   We also drove by the house where Grandpa and Grandma Ford used to live—308 Mill Street, in Eldon. Russell had great fun with memories of Eldon!

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sharida said...

This is so cool! It sounds like you had so much fun. I remember dad liking pineapple shakes. Bluck! Looking forward to "viewing" the album. S