Monday, October 25, 2010

An Old Sycamore and a Young Lad’s Memories

Many times Russell has told the story of the big sycamore tree that was beside the banks of the Moreau River where Pleasant Hill Baptist Church folks went for summer baptisms. On one of our “journeys into family history,” he said he would like to see that tree again. sycamore by Moreau River where baptisms were held
Some things never change. You can count on the big, old sycamore tree to be the same size, and in the same place, even after the passage of 50-some years. Its roots are firmly grounded. When Russell was a lad (probably 8-12), he and his two brothers and two cousins would all encircle the tree, joining hands, and could barely reach all the way around the tree. 
That same day we drove by the first house my family lived in, when Daddy first came to pastor Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. First house as pastor of PH lived in 2 mos no rng water How can something deteriorate that much in just 50 years?. It was barely recognizable.
Lord, I know that my human body has deteriorated in fifty years, by Design. But, for what matters in this life, and in eternity, thank you for your gift of grace in my life, giving me roots firmly grounded in You. Thank you that, in the end, I can be more like the sycamore tree and less like the dilapidated house.

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ROC REV said...

Oh my what a special entry. I WANT TO SEE IT TOO! What great thoughts and what a powerful analogy. Thanks for sharing!!!