Saturday, October 9, 2010

Journeys into Family History

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As a part of my genealogy research, we like to visit the burial sites of our ancestors. Now, I know that may seem a bit morbid. But, for us, as we learn more about our ancestors, it’s somewhat like going on a “treasure hunt” to find their final resting places. It is especially satisfying to find the ones who are really far back in our history. We have some really neat stories of discoveries we have made. Today we went to Boonville, Missouri, where Russell’s great grandparents are buried. We had tried once before to locate this tombstone. This time, we found it! These were the parents of Russell’s father’s mother. They were the first generation of that branch of Russell’s tree to be born in America. Emanuel’s parents immigrated from Switzerland. Susanna’s parents immigrated from Bavaria (Germany).

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