Monday, July 19, 2010

"Heat Advisory" Notwithstanding

In the midst of a heat wave, my son and grandson are biking the Katy Trail. They set out this morning and plan to bike around 150 miles in three days. They have been "training" for the trip, biking lots of miles a lot of days. Well, they're big strong "boys," and they will be fine, but Mom/Mamo has to not think about things like heat exhaustion, lightning and thunderstorms, sunburns, and dehydration. I said I was not going to think about those things. So, I'll just dwell on what wonderful guys they are, and how thankful I am that they are who they are. I'll also think about how glad I am that they can do this together. Russell delivered them to their "put in" location and then took this pic on Mark's phone just as they were embarking on the journey.

UPDATE: Reporting in Monday afternoon, they had biked about 40 miles and were "feeling good."

UPDATE #2: Tuesday morning, after waiting out a torrential rainstorm, they are off again. They have many miles to go today! (Gotta love those iPhone pics!)

Update #3: Today (Tuesday) was grueling--50 miles on the bikes, with a strenuous hike thrown in along the trail. Mark reports that it was pretty tough, and Conner stayed right with him. Yes, I am a proud Mamo.

 Update #4: Wednesday morning: The guys reported a wonderful and relaxing overnight stay at Grams', with an "amazing" supper, good rest, and great breakfast ("She's an inspiration," Mark says of Grams). Off again this morning, amid threatening weather, they sent this pic of a huge rock along the Katy Trail. Today they will ride many more miles, to their take-out place.

Final Report, late afternoon: Got a text from Kristy that she picked up the guys at their take-out; they are fine but tired.


Unknown said...

WOOO HOOO thats my boys! LOL I had fun shopping while they were in the hot sun biking! ;b

ROC REV said...

And so sore!!!!