Tuesday, July 6, 2010

America's "Lost" Virtue

Many of my close friends and family have often discussed the trend in our country, away from accountability. Actually, it's more than a "trend." It's a free-fall. That's the truth. But, I heard it put a little differently yesterday, and since it's kind of "stuck" in my mind, I'll write about it.

Listening to ESPN Radio as I drove into the city yesterday, I heard one of the commentators talk about our country's lost virtue--DISCIPLINE. Out loud, I said, "Amen." This guy admits he is not a moralist, and he certainly does not claim to be a Christ-follower, in fact quite the opposite. And yet, he sees it. He explained that he has lived his life according to a principle, and so far, though he has made many mistakes, he has never gotten himself into real trouble. That principle, he says, is this: "DON'T GO WHERE YOU SHOULDN'T GO; DON'T DO WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T DO." He proceeded to expound on the recent arrest of an individual who is in a position of administrative leadership in a major college.

The ESPN Radio show host gives excellent advice for living. He gave that advice without quoting Scripture, but of course the Bible IS the original source for that concept. The host also made another point, that also has its basis in Scripture: your sins will find you out, and you will reap what you sow. (Make no mistake, he did not use those words; but he did make that point.)

Let's be about the business of helping our children and grandchildren recognize and understand the value of self-discipline. And, if you need a fresh one-liner to throw in there occasionally, this one works: "DON'T GO WHERE YOU SHOULDN'T GO; DON'T DO WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T DO."


ROC REV said...

Yepsters. Maybe if enough of the folks start to see what we have lost, they will make the connection that it all got thrown out right along with God.

ROC REV said...

Oh, and VERY COOL collage at the bottom of the page!