Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Into THE WORD

Yesterday morning, while on a "forced break" (an oxymoron, as was pointed out by my bright daughter-in-law) with my husband, I ventured out in the heat to a picnic table on our campsite. Sassi and I were looking forward to having our Quiet Time in the fresh air. It was a little too warm for her to lie on my lap, her favorite position, so I put her little bed up on the picnic table (now my study area). I thought about what a cute picture that would make, so I pulled the iPhone out of my study bag and snapped the photo below. She ventured closer and closer until finally she was right on top of my Bible (generally speaking, she is interested in anything that I am interested in). I took another photo (above) and emailed it to some family. Then, I thought about what a great illustration that photo would make for the topic, "Yes, it's a good place to be, IN THE WORD."

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