Saturday, August 8, 2020

Summer Watercolor

I continue to be challenged with my watercolor hobby. Seems like about the time I feel like I have made progress, the next painting feels like I’ve taken several steps backward. 

I suppose as long as I can feel like I’m farther along now than I was when I started, I should consider that I’m overall on a positive trajectory. 

Of the following pieces completed recently, I really like the full-body flamingo and the giraffe. The other pieces are just included here in the interest of being accountable and realistic, as I remind myself that I’m still at the point of “While none of the pieces are super great, still, some are better than others.”

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Kristy said...

So fun to look at all of your colorful pictures! The giraffe is amazing! Love the eyes!

Pastor Mark said...

Wow... really like the giraffe.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments!