Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Winter Day in the PNW (Spring on my mind)

So, we have been out here in Washington state, in our second home, only 3 1/2 weeks this time, and I am told it was raining non-stop, many weeks before we got here. It has rained non-stop since our arrival, for sure. It gets to be a downer after so many days with no sun. 

This morning there was a break in the monotony, in that it snowed for a short time, and some of it even stayed on the ground for a while.

Taken from our back patio:

And then the sun even popped out for a few minutes!

But I think I must already have spring on my mind, because as I was thinking about some easy watercolor subjects, I decided on a couple of flowers (and I don’t usually enjoy painting flowers—probably because I’m not very good at it).

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