Friday, January 10, 2020

Watercolor Hobby: Being Real

So, sometimes I have to pick myself up and be realistic about my abilities (or lack thereof). I was feeling fairly successful, in terms of accomplishing what I wanted to do, when I finished the flowering cactus plant for my granddaughter. While it certainly is not to the professional level, still, I felt that it represented a good effort.

Then this week I tried another project, and it was an epic fail. So much for self-confidence. Yes, it was an attempt to emulate a highly accomplished professional artist, but my effort wasn’t even good enough to try to salvage. Trash can.

So, I told myself to lower my expectations a bit, and I followed a tutorial for a much simpler (easy) project. At least it’s not in the trash can...

So, I’m not giving up, not quitting...but, I have to be realistic in my expectations and accept that if I’m going to risk trying a high-skill-level project, it might NOT be a success, in terms of product. However, in terms of practice, every effort is beneficial (I suppose)...

#ladybug #floweringcactus #watercolorpactice #sometimeseasyisbetter #letsmakeart 

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