Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fruits {Watercolor Practice}

So, here it is. I am struggling with my attempts at art. I have been away from it for a few weeks, traveling back to Missouri from Washington (our 17th round trip by car—a 28-hour drive each way—since some of our family moved out there in 2013). When we returned to Missouri, I was behind with scrapbooking. That is caught up for now, so it’s back to the watercolor hobby.

I was sort of in a groove with the art hobby while we were in Washington early July through early October. Now I’m having difficulty being able to actually feel like I am on the right track with my practice. 

My favorite watercolor artist to follow is Maria Raczynska. While her work is beautiful, I do not expect to do exactly as she does, nor do I expect my work to be totally an emulation of hers. I am told that she is a huge challenge for beginners. That would be me. But I want to follow someone whose work I admire, not just whoever it seems easy to follow.

While in Washington, I did this piece from a tutorial by Maria:

My first attempt to get back “at it,” here in Missouri, is this pear, completed today (after a large amount of frustration and threats to trash it).

Trust me when I tell you, it is not as easy as it looks, even to do something as not-so-good as the pear!

I keep telling myself that success is in the process (not so much the product) at this stage of my new hobby endeavor. So, then, I must keep on keeping on and believe that in so doing, I WILL get better.

I am thankful to have a hobby that I enjoy—in other words, not being satisfied with the quality of my product does not keep me from enjoying the process. So there you have it.

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