Sunday, July 7, 2019

Nice Day

In addition to the usual things that make Sunday special, today was just a nice day. 

I got to spend it with my Honey. Well, yes, of course I get to spend almost every day with my Honey, but having been married almost 54 years, I don’t want to take our time together for granted. He is a blessing.

Another thing that made today special was a phone call from an old friend (from my IBM days) with whom I had lost contact. I think of her often but had not been successful in my attempts to locate her/reconnect. An unexpected phone message from her resulted in a long conversation, and it was so great to catch up. REAL-life friendships are so important (and another thing I don’t want to take for granted).

Of less importance, I did finish my Eastern Bluebird (state bird of Missouri) watercolor piece. This one was a challenge, because I am only just now brave enough to try painting a piece from a reference photo (with no tutorial or teaching helps along the way). I think this is my second one. When I try something like this, that’s when I see how much I still have to learn. How in the world DO I make my painting look like the photo?! (My favorite app for copyright free photos is Pixabay.)

Yes, I am blessed, and I am grateful.

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1 comment:

Kristy said...

Love your Bluebird. The colors are perfect! You totally don't need any instruction along the way!