Saturday, July 6, 2019

Enjoyable Independence Day

Although we would prefer to spend ALL holidays with our family, that’s just not possible. But, Hubby and I did enjoy a laid-back celebration of the birthday of our beloved country. We do love patriotic holidays, and we always shed some tears as we read Facebook posts with a military or veteran or patriotic theme. (My husband served as an officer in the USMC, including a tour of duty in Vietnam, and is particularly sentimental when it comes to the flag!)

Our daytime activity was mainly watching baseball, a win for the Cardinals (our favorite/only team). A snack of homemade sundaes (vanilla ice cream topped with hot caramel sauce and toasted pecan halves) was enjoyed “(because it is a holiday,” we said to each other).

In other years, with family, we might have had watermelon, but not this year. Still, it is a snack I often associate with July 4, and I especially think of my dad and brother—both crazy about watermelon, especially big ol’ Black Diamond melons! I thought of those two as I painted this quick and casual watercolor piece.

That evening, with no baseball to watch, we did the unusual for us and watched a DVD movie, “Independence Day,” one of my favorites. Don’t ask me why it’s a favorite. Well, it IS a combination of extreme patriotism and the mystery of UFO’s, always of interest to me. I know...don’t judge me.

My watercolor pieces lately have been casual and light-hearted (fun).

Today, though, I’m working on a Bluebird, painting from a reference photo. Difficult for me. Not done yet.

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Kristy said...

Really enjoyed your paintings! Your flag is perfect!