Wednesday, June 19, 2019

June in Missouri

We have been sticking fairly close to home in recent days, since our little Sassi Girl has not been feeling well. She is 16 now and really pretty perky for her age (it’s all relative, now isn’t it?). 

We did venture out on a little road trip on Father’s Day, to join our daughter’s family (about 2 hours away) for church and lunch. Sharida and Greg and Dawson brought along a surprise for us—Evan and his girlfriend Katie, up from Texas to visit Sharida and Greg for a few days.

I am continuing with my watercolor practice, some days encouraged, some days not so much, but I press on.

I followed a tutorial in a Skillshare class for this little hummingbird.

Another Skillshare tutorial, this poppy.

And this little ladybug from a lesson by my favorite artist/teacher, Maria Raczynska.

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Kristy said...

Poor little Sassi-girl. So sorry she's feelin' bad. I enjoyed your hummingbird picture. I loved the multi-colored sprinkles on it! And your lady bug (please forgive the pun) is "spot-on" :) I think it's one of my all time favorite. Keep it up :)