Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Missouri Summer: Here and Now

Well, we did have some beautiful spring days, though interspersed with thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area. But I do believe summer has arrived here in our neck of the woods in Missouri. I can tell, because I just stepped out on the upper deck to look at some flowers, and the heat/humidity practically took my breath away. Yep, that’s summer in Missouri.

On the watercolor practice front, my eye is taken by subjects that remind me of summer, like this watermelon work that I created following a tutorial by @Mariamorjane. She was also the inspiration for an attempt at my favorite rose:

I have arrived at a comfort level on my style, that is, not realism but not terribly loose either. I still sometimes gravitate to “cutesy,” and for that I really make no’s just my mood, some days.

I created this little bunny in a Skillshare class (online).

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