Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Christmas is All in the Heart

So, we stayed in Washington until December 12, in order to celebrate Christmas (on December 11) with Conner and Caroline and Leeland (grandson and family), because they were not able to make the trip to Missouri.

Christmas in Washington:

12-11-2018 Chr in WA (1) ed crpd and ltr

12-11-2018 Chr in WA (16) ed crpd and ltr

12-11-2018 Chr in WA (24) ed crop and lighter

Christmas in Missouri:

After the four-day drive to Missouri, we quickly got the house (and the gifts and the food) ready.

On December 20 and 21, we went to Janene and David’s near Jefferson City for our Sibling Christmas. Our times together are always sweet, complete with traditions, a lot of reminiscing, wonderful food, funny stories, and lots of coffee.

12-21-2018 Sibling Christmas (2) edited cropped

My brother Keith and his wife Michele

Russell and me

My sister Janene who is married to Russell’s brother David

12-21-2018 Sibling Christmas (9)

Our handmade corduroy stockings that our Mother saved, from our childhood Christmases at our Grandad and Mamo Wilson’s.

Mark and Kristy and Tory flew from PDX to STL on Christmas Eve day, and the next day we were joined by Sharida and Greg, Dawson, Alyssa and her new husband Josh (this year’s first-time addition to our Christmas), and Evan.

12-25-2018 Ford Family Christmas (27) ed

12-25-2018 Ford Family Christmas (35) cropped and lighter

12-25-2018 Ford Family Christmas (57)

12-25-2018 Ford Family Christmas (38)

We missed Conner and Caroline and Leeland. We don’t know what the future may bring, but we are aware that it will be increasingly more difficult (maybe impossible) for all of us to be together at one time.

That’s why it’s important to remember that “Christmas is all in the heart,” and our hearts are in more than one place! We are thankful for the times we have all together, but also for all of the times that any of us can be with each other…because we are always together in our hearts.

We are blessed that, in our family, the main thing we celebrate at Christmas is the gift from God, His Son, Immanuel, God With Us, sent to be the Savior of the World, to those who will accept His Gift!

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