Wednesday, April 25, 2018

100 Days of Bible Promises {100 Days of Bible Promises, Faith Art}

So, I’m still in the middle of studying Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray. That involves reading a devotional for the day and journaling about it.

I also continue with my Bible Art Journaling as I am motivated to illustrate a passage.

I am caught up with my 2018 Scrapbook and ready to start the Baby Scrapbook Album that I am doing with pictures of our new great-grandson (using Creative Memories new blue scrapbook for baby boy).

Great time to add another project: I’m excited about the 100 Days of Bible Promises devotional book by Shanna Noel, the lady who, to my knowledge, started the craze of Bible Art Journaling.

It is her Facebook group, Bible Journaling Community/Illustrated Faith, that I helped to moderate for a time. She now has a full line of products (Illustrated Faith), available through Dayspring and several other retail stores.

This latest book is right down my alley, as it encourages the use of mixed media to illustrate each two-page spread of the 100 Days of devotionals.

These are some of the products I will be using (most from Dayspring):

100 Days of Bible Promises Ready to Go

Be it known (as my mother would say), I already own TONS of supplies for mixed media art, which is one reason I’m excited about this project.

I have skimmed through the book, and I can see that it is jam-packed with great topical devotional thoughts, with Bible verses and prayers on each two-page spread.

Here is Day 1 before I added to it:

100 Days Original Day 1

And here is Day 1 with my additions:

100 Days My Day 1

You get the idea. Takes very little time (especially since I have all my supplies now organized in an Ikea cart).

So, this is my latest way to combine my hobby-art with studying the Word. Win-win for me. Love it.

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