Monday, November 7, 2016

Enjoying an Autumn Day




Still experiencing a bit of what we used to call “Indian Summer” in Missouri. It’s cool enough to be comfortable and yet much warmer than usual at this time of year.

My hubby has been clearing areas of our five acres, and with the wind calm today, he burned a big brush pile. I kept him company for a while, after I put this new vegetable soup recipe in the crock pot to simmer for the day. 


#FallisMyFavoriteSeason #CrockpotVegetableBeefSoup #BurningBrushPiles


Nancy Happily said...

OMGoodness...the smell of burning wood and leaves in fall, the aroma of simmering soup. Both make me want to take a deep breath in.

Barbara said...

Yes, fall is my favorite! Thanks for stopping by, Nancy!