Thursday, July 2, 2015

Circles and Sticks {Art Journaling}

Chalk Challenge-Blackboard Circles and Sticks

One of my challenges this week (I have three per week) is to use CHALK in an art journal spread. Although I recently did another piece on primary school, I reverted to the theme once again, as the challenge prompt just directed me that way!

I have noticed in the last few days, I find myself creating from my inner, private, comfortable, happy place. I think it’s my reaction/rebellion to all the CRAP I’m seeing in social media and in the news. I love the simpler times, and I love the values that were honored—and TAUGHT—in those times. For me, the happy memories of the way-past always include classrooms, teaching, teaching supplies and tools, and primary children.

I used Chalkboard Paint (yes, there is such a thing) to make a blackboard in the middle of the right page. I used a white chalk marker to write on the blackboard, using manuscript letters of circles and sticks (that’s the way we taught manuscript printing back in the day).

I just put down some basic primary colors (acrylic paint), remembering the year I taught kindergarten, and how we would have a day of the week for each primary and secondary color. It was such fun! On RED day, for example, we wore red and everything we talked about and worked on that day was all about RED. See, simple! (When you saw Mrs. Ford’s class in the lunch line, you didn’t have to wonder what we were studying that day!)

Yes, I admit it. I long for the simpler times. I smile, just remembering!

Chalk Challenge-Blackboard Circles and Sticks

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