Thursday, October 23, 2014

God is My Shield {Bible Art}

The Lord is My Shield

Blessed be the Lord! For he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy. The Lord is my strength and my shield, in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him. – Psalm 28:6-7

I know I have read this verse before, probably several times. But somehow, when I read it today, it seemed to hold special meaning for me. So I chose this verse to illustrate in the margin of my Journaling Bible today.

Right now, I seem to be drawn to verses that remind me that God is my Strength and my Shield.

He fights battles for me, he protects me. He takes my part, with action if needed. Or sometimes He just quietly shields me from my enemies. My heart trusts in Him. I am helped. My heart is full of exaltation, and I give thanks to Him with my song.

Music is my passion. I love the part of the verse that describes my heart bursting with songs of thanksgiving to Him.

Sometimes I realize that I do not tap into the strength and the power that is mine as a child of God. Since He is my Strength and my Shield, shouldn’t I have more faith to let Him handle the worries and fears that threaten to steal my joy…Of course I should.


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I LOVE seeing all this Bible journaling! Love the heart!

Nancy Happily said...

I really like how your Bible journaling is so uplifting. Thank you!

Nancy Happily said...

I really like how your Bible journaling is so uplifting and makes me think about things. Thank you!