Monday, June 16, 2014

Grandson’s High School Graduation

Conner Senior

Conner Senior bw

Conner Russell Ford Sr 2014

We are always so proud of our grandson Conner, primarily because of the person he is. He turns 19 in a few days, and he has committed his life to following God’s call (as a pastor and a future husband/father). He is an incredibly gifted musician (song writing, guitar, keyboard, vocal) and has fun with several sports, including snow skiing and mountain biking. An excellent student, his plans are to pursue a degree from Liberty University online.

We traveled from our home in Missouri to Washington to attend his graduation.

Here are some pictures of our time there.

Conner and his Sweet Caroline


Conner and his sister Tory


Conner with Mamo and Grandad


Conner with his Dad Mark (our son), Mom Kristy, and sister Tory



The Processional (thankful for no rain!)



Diploma in hand!


photo 33

Walking on their street



One of several wonderful meals Kristy made for us!


jasann said...

What a beautiful family you have and are so blessed!!!

Barbara said...

Thank you, jasann! I truly am blessed!