Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun Family Time at Theatre in the Park

My brother can do anything. Well, almost. Truthfully, he HAS done a lot in his lifetime. He had never been in a theatre production, and since that was on his “bucket list,” he recently auditioned for and got the part of Reverend Moore in the stage production of “Footloose.”

Last night we traveled to watch the 5th of 6 performances at the Theatre in the Park, Lincoln’s New Salem State Park, Petersburg, IL. It was awesome. He was awesome. His solos and his acting were GREAT! Like I said, my brother can do anything. And what he does, he does with excellence. Always.

06-17-2014 Keith in Footloose-Rehearsal


(Couldn’t help but be reminded of how many times he “played like” a preacher when we kids “played church,” as our dad was a pastor.)


My sister and her husband (who happens to be my husband’s brother) drove the two hours to our house, and then we all four traveled the 2:45 to the park and then back to our house afterwards.

It was a memorable experience. Priceless.


My brother is amazing. Spoken like the true sister.
That I am.

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Keith Wilson said...

I'm so glad you could be there, and as ALWAYS, your support and encouragement means everything to me!