Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Siblings: “Agape” and “Phileo”

I remember hearing Daddy’s sermons about the different kinds of love. I remember his descriptions of  “agape” (unconditional love) and “phileo” (brotherly love).

Recently my sister and my brother and I endured together the loss of our mother, after her year-long battle with cancer. The three of us shared in Mother’s care and in the administration of her affairs. We each did our part. My siblings honored me with a very nice dinner and some very special gifts to thank me for my role, but truly, we all shared in what needed to be done.

06-17-2013 Siblings Dinner

Certificate from Janene and Keith w border

(Click to enlarge—must read the “good stuff)

Precious Moments Cardinal Fan from Janene and Keith w border

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