Monday, June 3, 2013

Adventure in Vintage Findings

Because I love, love “old” things, the use of vintage ephemera in art (journals, canvas, birch boards, tags) is so much fun for me.

I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that we (my hubby and me) needed a getaway, and my “excuse” for a trip was to find some vintage things that I could use in my art. Now, this is different from “going antique-ing” in my mind, because we weren’t looking for “antiques” such as furniture or household items to refinish. We were searching for vintage books, music, postcards, etc.

Our stops included some shops in northern Illinois and in Clarksville, MO (where the flooding of the Mississippi River gave us more adventure than we had actually anticipated). We were in seven shops in all, and I was so tickled that we were actually able to find exactly some of the things I was looking for. Here are some pics of our adventure, including my “haul.”

First Starbucks stop on weekend adventure

First stop—always a Starbucks!

Carter's Cottage in Dekalb IL 2

Carter’s Cottage in Dekalb, IL

Mediiterraneo in Dekalb IL

Authentic Mediterranean food is one of our favorites! Mediterraneo in Dekalb.

Menu at Authentic Mediterranean restaurant in Dekalb

Decisions, decisions!

Mediterraneo-Orange Blossom Lemonade fantastic

The Orange Blossom Lemonade was to die for!

Gyro at Mediteraneo in Dekalb

Authentic Gyro, yum!

Halawa and Baklava

Hawala and Baklava

My Favorite Things

Another shop in Dekalb

flooding near Elsberry

Headed to Clarksville, MO—this can’t be good!

hwy 72 about 8 mi from Clarksville

Eight miles out from Clarksville, we realized we were going to have to be creative. But finding alternate routes around Missouri highways has never been too challenging for Russell!

flooding by MS River close to ElsberryBent Tree Shop in ClarksvilleDowntown Antiques in Clarksville-flooding

We had to walk around the sandbags to get to this one! It’s right down close to the river—too close, actually!

And here’s the haul:

The haulVintage Findings 6-2013 00001

Helen of the Old House is actually a 1st Edition, a novel by Harold Bell Wright, copyright 1921. He was most known for Shepherd of the Hills. I got it for $5. I will not be tearing it apart to use on collages!

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00002

Some of these pieces of music are too special to tear apart for collage art also! Package of 20 pieces of original sheet music: $5.00!!!!

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00003

I was especially glad to find some postcards with writing on them! I believe this packet of post cards was $4.00.

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00004Vintage Findings 6-2013 00005Vintage Findings 6-2013 00006Vintage Findings 6-2013 00007Vintage Findings 6-2013 00008

(inside the miniature Sears catalog)

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00009Vintage Findings 6-2013 00010

(inside the “pocket calculator”—love this little book, about the size of a #8 tag! Hmmmmmm)

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00011Vintage Findings 6-2013 00012Vintage Findings 6-2013 00013

This was an unexpected find! Mother’s Dessert Rose Franciscan Ware came to me, and I was thrilled to find this little piece, in perfect condition.

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00014

These buttons are “new” but very old—as is obvious by the pricing on them. I paid half the “list” price for them. Most of them were originally $1.10 to $2.00 per card. I also picked up a couple of vintage photos—I have tons of my own, but I will not be tearing apart or painting over any of my own. It always makes me sad to see old photos like this in an antique shop, though—someone’s family should have these photos!

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00015Vintage Findings 6-2013 00016Vintage Findings 6-2013 00017Vintage Findings 6-2013 00018

The two-book music library is something I will keep in my Music Room—these were published by Silver Burdett in 1914.

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00019

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00022

(inside the reading book—love the color pictures)

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00020

Vintage Findings 6-2013 00021

(inside the do-it-yourself book)

And, so, the weekend getaway was good for the soul—and for the crafting supply inventory as well!


Dorothy said...

Wow! What a great time and great finds!

Christine said...

Oh, you found some wonderful ephemera!!! There are a few things that I would have a hard time tearing up but you can always scan and print or copy them. I've scanned in some of my faves that I use over and over.

One of my faves is vintage French digital paper from Jeanne's Esty shop. I've never been able to find any French books so I love those!!! I'm still looking for some vintage wallpaper,

Marjie Kemper said...

Score! Glad you had such fun with hubby and I like that kind of travel..... getting a crafty finds fix included!