Thursday, May 23, 2013


No way can I be 66! And yet, my calendar, and all my official records, proclaim that I was born May 23, 1947.

Barbara Kay age 10 months

What a wonderful and blessed life I have had so far! Today was really a special day, with cards and phone calls and Skype with loved ones.

This morning my hubby of 47 1/2 years gave me a sweet card (I don’t know how he keeps finding such wonderful cards), and a beautiful Pandora charm that he picked out on his own. Love it!

front of cardPandora charm for bd from Russ

We drove to one of my favorite restaurants, Brio Tuscan Grill, for a wonderful lunch.

bk on 66th

russ on bk's 66th

Later in the afternoon, a surprise delivery arrived from my son’s family (who have recently moved far, far away): a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen roses, in a vase with a picture of my son’s two “children” (who are now almost 20 and 18)!

I was quite enamored with the beauty of the roses, and I got a little carried away with photographing them. But, rest easy—I deleted about 20 of the pictures!

5333 cropped

5340 cropped

flowers from Mark's family for my bd 4



5329 vase crop

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Marjie Kemper said...

Happy Birthday, Barb! You look maaaaaahvelous!