Monday, July 16, 2012

Smash Journal Pages

Recently some have asked to see more of my Smash Journal pages, so will just post a few here. This is something I do totally at random and when taking a break from my “real” craft and scrapbook projects.

almost fullawesomecamera decisioncoffeecupcakesfallnot old vintageprojectssplendiferousspringfield iltreasures


Jenny Marples said...

I've never had the courage to do this (too OCD and prone to faffing about with elements) and I so admire your ability and skill in committing your thoughts/ideas/inspirations to paper in this way. There are some lovely designs and layouts in your book - you are so clever. Glad you shared them with us. Hugs, Buttons x

Carol Ann said...

Thank you for the inspiration!