Thursday, July 26, 2012

Art Journal Page–“Breathe”–and Taking a Breather

breathe art journal page w border

I have been so stressed of late. I needed a reminder to just step back and “breathe.” So, I made an art journal page to reflect that thought. I used my “practice” journal for this one, not at all sure how it would turn out in the end. I covered the pages with gesso and then covered both pages entirely with book text (using Studio Matte medium). I then used Claudine Hellmuth paints to give the impression of grass and sky. I stamped the wildflowers with Archival ink (Tim Holtz stamp) onto tissue paper and then adhered the tissue paper (with Studio Matte medium) on top of the green paint. I used lots of stamps, including alphabet stamps, and more patterned paper for the sun. I’m still not pleased with my art journal attempts, but it’s a process for me, and I have always said, and still maintain, that I love the process as well as the product. So, I’m learning, mainly about what I do and do not like in art journal techniques. I do like paint. I do like stamps, I’m not so great at any drawing attempts.

Yesterday I took a “breather” and enjoyed a fantabulous day with one of my favorite people in the entire world—my daughter-in-law. Following a wonderful lunch at a great tea room, we attempted a little bit of shopping (way too hot) before ending the day with a long conversation at a coffee house. Yes, nice day.

lunch with Kristy

While we were attempting to “shop,” she said a funny. We were walking on the sidewalk, trying to find a cool shop to duck into. I said, “No one should be out on a day like this.” Looking around, she said, “They aren’t.” True. We were the loners on either side of the street. But, oh well, it was fun, and we just felt like we were braver than anyone else!


Jenny Marples said...

Loving this page Barbara. Such an important thing to remember - crafting gives me time to breathe. Great to see you are getting to grips with what works for you. Hugs, Buttons x

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

So so gorgeous Barbara! Sorry you had to stressed to create it...sometimes we do our best work like that! Glad you had some down time though.

Marjie Kemper said...

Sounds like a great day. Love the pages with all that stamping!