Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oldest Granddaughter Graduates


What an emotional time of year for our family! My husband, an old softie for sure, wasn’t sure he would make it through TWO granddaughters graduating from high school!

Tory’s parents had a very nice snack buffet for Tory at their home, with lots of her favorite foods, including sushi (me, not so much).



At the conclusion of the gift-opening, Tory’s dad had some emotional things to say. So sweet—and so true, the observations he made about her delightful personality and her dedication and desire to follow God!

IMG_1977  Tory’s Aunt Sharida and Cousin Dawson came from southwest Missouri to attend the party!


During the processional, I got a great photo! (How sweet, she remembered to wear her new pearl earrings from Mamo and Grandad!)


Tory’s brother’s choir, A Capella Choir, sang the National Anthem.

Tory getting diploma 2

After the ceremony, it was beginning to get dark, but family groupings were absolutely necessary.IMG_2045IMG_2046IMG_2049



Congratulations, Tory.

We love you and are so proud of you!

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ROC REV said...

Awesome pictures as always. Thanks!