Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Easter Traditions

I take a lot of pictures. In case that seems like a statement of the obvious, be it known that I do not post NEARLY all the pictures I take. Still, a day like today, Easter Sunday, is difficult to capture in a posting of any sort. The MAIN THING about today was the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That happened in a very, very special worship service at our church, with our very, very special church family and with our son as pastor and worship leader. No pictures of that, of course.

But after church on Easter Sunday, we have some traditions that we usually get to experience with all our children and grandchildren. This year, however, our daughter’s family was not able to join us. The rest of us enjoyed an Easter dinner that seemed to be just the comfort food we all “needed”—Baked Ham (pineapple/brown sugar glaze), Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Overnight Lettuce Salad, and Homemade Dinner Rolls. Kristy provided a delicious Fruit Pizza for dessert.

IMG_1560 IMG_1557

After brief naps for some, we colored the eggs.

 IMG_1565IMG_1567 IMG_1569 

IMG_1571 This was our first year in many years not to have an Egg Hunt. We did fill the Easter baskets, though!


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Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

You have a beautiful all that red hair! I love your tradition of dying great! Food looks yummy too!