Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art Journal-April Showers

Art Journal 4-02-12 April Showers w border.jpg

Here in Missouri, we are way ahead of schedule, climate-wise. This year it has been more “March showers” bringing “April flowers”…everything is totally leaved out, and my tulips are FINISHED blooming. Still, each April, I do think of this old rhyme, and it came to mind as I opened up a blank art journal page.

One thing I have learned about art journaling—you are never finished. I ALWAYS end up adding more to a page when I go back and look at it, after THINKING I was finished. So this one may or not be the finished product. I think the whole art journal thing is good for me, because it allows me to just put something down without that nagging feeling of the need for perfection. It’s okay that it’s a mess!

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