Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doo Dah Day with GranTeens

We have a fun tradition with our grandchildren who live close to us—we call it a “Doo Dah Day.” It means we have a day of just fun stuff, just for us. This week is their spring break, so Grandad took a day off, and we enjoyed another fun time today.

We started the day with breakfast out. Then we came to our house, and the guys gathered their gear and headed for the golf course for the first 18-holes of the season (they reported a good outing). Tory and I combined two of our favorite things—cooking/baking and crafting. We baked Grams’ Pound Cake (for strawberry shortcake) and “mashed” our strawberries (as I learned to do from my Mamo). With the 6# pork shoulder in the roaster oven for the day, we were off to play.

Tory and I “worked” very hard in the hobby room. She created a “layout” in her Smash Journal.

Tory Smash Journaling

Tory Smash Journaling 2

Tory Smash Journal Page

Then I “initiated” her in the Art Journal world. She is amazing. Her Art Journal page is not finished, so I will photograph it later.

For supper we had Southern Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Paula Deen), Slaw, Chips/Dip, and Sweet Tea. The Strawberry Shortcake with Grams’ Pound Cake did not disappoint.

Tory and Conner Doo Dah Day Kids here for DDD

We finished up and delivered them home (along with leftovers for their folks), in time for their youth gathering at church.

What a blessing, our GranTeens!!

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Marjie Kemper said...

Looks like a super day. How fun to be crafting with your GrandTeen!