Friday, February 4, 2011

Completed 2010—YAY!!

2011 albums3
Since “catching up” on all my photos a couple of years ago, and because I have a Hobby Room where I can keep my supplies out all the time, I typically scrapbook  in “real time.” I take A LOT of pictures, as I have a special family, and there are always lots of events that contribute to the affirmation of my scrapbooking hobby!

I just sat down to look through 2010. My goodness, what a beautiful family, and what wonderful memories! In fact, that has become the main reason I love this hobby—it’s not just the process (that I do love), or the product (though I am usually somewhat proud of the completed albums), but it’s the reminders and the memories I have, every single time I look back through an album. And I LOVE that my children and grandchildren seem to enjoy the memory-reminders as well! A warm feeling wells up in my heart when I see them with my scrapbook albums on their laps!

So, now that I’m all caught up and will break from scrapbooking to work on one or two of the other major projects I have in progress, in a few days, I’ll look forward to starting to capture the memories of 2011!


anna said...

Great job! Where did you get those albums?

Barbara said...

Anna, they are Creative Memories 12x12 albums, and then I order the spine imprinted from their Persona imprinting service. Thanks!