Monday, February 14, 2011


Recently I enjoyed teaching a lesson in Kidz ROC about love—the serious, Christ-like kind of love. We talked about how that kind of love “looks.” Our Bible focus for that lesson was the description of love found in I Corinthians 13, often called The Love Chapter. It presents a challenging picture of what real love is, seriously.

As the children looked up the passage in their Bibles, they were interested to learn that in our wedding, when the photographer wanted to take a picture of our hands on the Bible (my father’s Bible, incidentally--he had performed the marriage ceremony), I realized that picture would be part of my formal records of our wedding, forever. So, I wanted the passage that would be reflected in the picture to be meaningful. I quickly turned to I Corinthians 13. And sure enough, 45 years later, there is the picture to remind me that Christ-like love is at the foundation of our marriage.

We have a special lady in our church who is a wonderful reflection of God’s love. Stef gave us a Valentine gift at church yesterday—a beautiful box of chocolates. The milk and dark chocolate hearts are delicious, but the gift is especially meaningful as the box quotes that ageless verse from I Corinthians:
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Maybe today would be a good day to re-read I Corinthians 13—to better understand about Christ-like LOVE—SERIOUSLY!

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Stephanie (and Walter) said...

Oh, Barbara, how beautiful! You and Russell are so dear to our hearts, and I am so pleased that our small gift brightened your day. I am constantly amazed by "coincidences" such as these.