Thursday, March 14, 2024

Sometimes It’s the “Little Things”

For whatever reason, and whether or not it’s a good thing, I am typically a deep thinker. Sometimes I wish that were not true. On any given day I could probably write several pages based on the deep thoughts I am having that day. It seems like I’m always looking for “the deeper meaning” in most every circumstance.

Now and then I remind myself to “chill,” and to let my mind rest. Then I can take a deep breath and recognize and appreciate the little things.

Like, yesterday evening I enjoyed a “cafe con crema.” When we were visiting our family in Argentina many years ago, I discovered that espresso drink (espresso with heavy, stiff whipped cream), but here in the States I hadn’t been able to replicate it without the work of actually whipping heavy cream (and being sure to use it before it spoiled). We recently found the Land O Lakes whipped cream that comes in a can like Reddi Wip and really is like heavy whipping cream. 

So with my Nespresso machine, using a Lungo capsule, and topping it with that heavy cream, voila! Same as cafe con crema in Argentina. 

A little thing, but it makes me smile.

Today I was able to complete the Kingfisher art piece that I started a couple of days ago. That means it didn’t end up in the trash can. I have heard “real” artists talk about their art going through “the ugly duckling” stage, and it does happen to me on almost every piece. But if I stick with it through that stage, and actually keep on until it’s finished, it’s a good feeling. 

It’s a little thing, but it’s a feeling of accomplishment that I like.

So, here in this writing is my evidence that I really can keep it simple sometimes and “bask” in the enjoyment of some “little things.”

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