Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Christmas “Tags”

 A few years ago I was creating mixed media art, using, by definition, many different types of media. It was before I started watercolor painting. It was more of a “craft” than an “art,” but it was sort of my introduction into the creative world, and I totally enjoyed it. 

For about four years, I created several tags each holiday season, and since that time, I always have at least some of them as ornaments on my Christmas tree. I was highly complimented recently when my granddaughter told me she loves them and thinks that’s what makes my tree “unique.”

Alrightey-then, just the excuse I need to keep going with the tradition!

Here are a few from this year’s tree:

Even though it was really fun to make these (hours on each one), I wouldn’t attempt to do it again, because at that time I had a dedicated craft room with TONS of supplies. Watercolor (what I do now) requires very few supplies and I no longer need an entire craft room (good thing, because I don’t have one!)!

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