Monday, October 10, 2022

September Catch Up

September always brings a special celebration for hubby and me! On September 8 we celebrated our 57th anniversary. 

I remember noting in my Wedding Memories book, on our fifth anniversary, that I couldn’t believe it had already been FIVE years, and I observed that time surely does fly.

57. Years. Wow. How very blessed we are! God blessed us with two wonderful children (son and daughter), a special daughter-in-law and son-in-law, four grandchildren, a grandson-in-law, granddaughter-in-law, and two great grandchildren (and another due in February). 

I could write blog posts every day with wonderful reports and beautiful pictures of our family, but it would be impossible to stay caught up!

Speaking of Catching Up…

September Art

This is an Australian bird called “Willie Wagtail,” because it wags its tail feathers while looking for insects. I am not pleased with this one, and after finishing it, I decided to switch to a different style for a while, with a different instructor. The bird was done following a tutorial by Louise de Masi.

I began doing some classes in Anna Mason’s School of Art. This style is more detailed (realistic) and is very challenging, much more difficult than the looser style of Louise. I find that it does fit “me” more, in that I tend to be a detail-type person. But, like I said, it is more difficult. Still, I am pleased with the result. This is a Citrus Swallowtail Caterpillar.

Another one from Anna Mason’s school, this succulent was tough. I always think of my granddaughter Tory, when I paint succulents, because she loves them!

So, September brought a special awareness that God has blessed us with another year together, and a sense of gratitude for His constant watchcare over us and our family. My husband and I thank God for bringing us together and for giving us a deep and abiding love only possible through Him.

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Nancy Happily said...

Congratulations on you and Russell anniversary! Your beautiful art is so encouraging to me. Reminding me that through practice and determination we can all create beauty.

Barbara said...

Thank you, Nancy! Yes, I do believe that creating beauty is one of the purposes for God’s allowing me to learn to paint in this season of my life! (And yes, also, on the PRACTICE and DETERMINATION!)