Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Watercolor Style (Mixing it Up)

While my life is not totally controlled by the climate/weather, I do find that it plays a significant role in my mood/attitude, which in turn does at least AFFECT, if not control, my life.

Here in the PNW, spring is certainly not bursting forth with all things fresh and new, like I’m wishing would happen. Instead, she is dragging her feet, reluctant to leave the cold and dreary winter climate behind.

While I’m waiting, my paintings are a bit “unsettled” (in terms of inability to focus in on one style), which is somewhat a reflection of my mood (the blame for which I place on… you guessed it, the weather).

Here are some recent works.

I followed a tutorial by Maria Raczynska for this window. I almost didn’t attempt it, mainly because it is not my usual style/subject matter. But I decided maybe that was a good reason TO try it. I enjoyed it and may do more of that type in the future (I do prefer wet on dry, which was used here, but I usually paint birds and animals).

This little duckling was part of a trial to see if I might like the style and method of Emily Olson. I decided against it, but I did start this little duckling with her instruction. I didn’t like hers, midstream, and so I ended up just doing my own thing and not following her instruction to finish it. I do like it (was fun to have it out for Easter).

Another Easter theme, I loosely followed a tutorial by Louise De Masi. 

This little hummingbird may be my favorite among these four. One of my favorite instructors, Maria Raczynska, has a new series on painting birds, with somewhat of a loose style and yet not just throwing paint on wet paper (as many wet on wet artists do). This one took less than an hour and was very enjoyable. For one thing, I love the colors (mostly a combination of Veridian Hue, Cobalt Blue, and Indigo).

While I wait rather impatiently for spring, my next painting will be an attempt at a rose bud. Along with landscapes and seascapes, botanicals are rarely my thing, but I’m in the mood for some bright color in a flower. So, bring on the Permanent Rose and the French Ultramarine. 

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